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  • Susan writes... "I use your product to touch up my roots and it works instantly anywhere! I am 100% satisfied with the results. I tried other products but they were messy. Yours is the best."
  • Peter writes... "I've been using Visible Hair for months. I am 52 years old, and since I started using it, people think I look much younger. I have seen a big change in how people treat you when you have a full-looking head of hair."
  • Billy writes... "I started losing my hair twelve years and nothing I tried to re-grow my hair worked. Your product at least lets me look like I still have a full head of hair and even my girlfriend can’t tell the difference! Great product."
  • Carol writes... " I no longer worry about my friends noticing my thinning hair and it’s given me a real sense of confidence at work and in my social life. I would recommend to my friends to buy this product in a heartbeat."
Look Your Best Anytime!
  • Now You Can Let Anyone Run
    Their Fingers Through Your Hair!
  • Works for Both Men & Women.
  • Less Costly Than A Weave!
  • Wear it in Rain, Wind, or Sweat.
  • Washes Out Easily with Shampoo.
VisibleHair offers a no risk 30-day money-back guarantee. Click to find out more!
Unlike other products, Visible Hair® is made up of natural hair-like fibers that bind both to the hair follicle and to the scalp to give the real appearance of fuller, thicker hair! See illustration below.

We use a more expensive blend of short and long natural hair-like fibers that bind both to the to hair follicles to thicken the appearance of the hair you have annd to the scalp.

Bald areas have virtually NO hair follicles and areas of thinning hair have only a few. Just attaching fibers to hair follicles to make them appear "thicker" won't make your bald spots disappear or your thin hair look thicker! Our unique blend of fibers is the solution.

Visible Hair® is not a hair dye or paint spray that can stain clothing and damage hair.
It is cutting edge cosmetic science for men and women that gives your hair the look you've always wanted in just seconds. It works for all types of hair and hair colors.
Gives you the look of a ful head of hair and matches your roots to your hair color.